“Making Music Make a Difference”


SHARE MUSIC SOUTH-WEST organises Workshops which offer a unique approach to music dance/movement theatre and its performance. They are designed for adults with a wide spectrum of disabilities (e.g. physical, learning, sensory) working with experienced helpers under the guidance of professional Tutors. The workshops, however, are not about disabilities, they are open to all those with an enthusiasm for music and the performing arts — newcomers and experienced alike. They are about sharing dreams and ourselves — a chance to extend our creativity and to reach our true potential. In the process, we have fun and by the end of the workshop have the confidence to put on a high energy performance that will shake the audience.


All the Tutors are leading professionals in the field of performing arts and with additional training and experience of working with the disabled Participants. They pass on their skills and inspire, encourage, develop and support the process involved with creating a final performance to an audience. State-of-the-art technology adapted to meet individual needs is used to ensure that everyone in able to be involved in the creativity.


Each workshop is based on a chosen theme, and the whole company is involved with discussing and developing the ideas that can be included in the final performance. Some of the ideas are developed by the whole company, but a number are designed and developed by breakout groups. A good example which illustrates this approach is a workshop held in 2016 during which the breakout groups and the final performance were captured on camera. (Videos are available on YouTube.)

The whole of the performance was produced from scratch in three days. Everyone worked hard, contributed ideas and achieved well beyond their own expectation — but had fun and ended up being proud of what they had achieved.


Photo of ShareMusic South-West event at Exmouth College, July 2014

A Share Music South-West Event at Exmouth College, July 2014

No previous knowledge or expertise is required to take part in these workshops.

Please look around the website, or contact us, to find out more.